6th Grade Judaics Update

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Shalom 6th grade parents,

We are having so much fun constructing Sukkot based on some of the Mishna’s “strange” rules!! Students are getting so creative and are doing a great job of following the specifications of their Sukkah.

They are doing the “construction” in class, with the help of the fabulous Mrs. Slomowitz, and everyone is doing a great job of working together. Enjoy some pictures below!!

 photo 4


In addition to the construction, they also need to write a paragraph to demonstrate their understanding of the Sukkah they have just built. The rubric for the project can be found HERE including what needs to be in their paragraph!!

In addition to our Sukkot project, we are also getting into the heart of the JCAT program. I am truly impressed by the maturity of some of the students and their ability to “get into character” and respond appropriately. Please encourage your child to check their JCAT page frequently and respond to anyone who may have contacted them. We will continue our class discussions about the topic next week so that students are able to fully understand the material that is being discussed. I also want to encourage you to attend the “50 Children” screening on November 4th, as it is very relevant to what we will be learning.

Thanks for sharing your awesomely creative 6th graders with me!! I look forward to many more hours of fun learning with them.