7th grade, Art Cafe, Ms. Slomowitz

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We are still working on “Movement” in 3D space. Students started by building an armature of a human body out of thin wire. Once the pose of the figure was determined the students attached it to the base. The armature and base were then wrapped around in aluminum foil to build out the figure and base. The sculpture was then covered in hardening glue, painted in bronze metallic paint and then burnished in black paint. It will be finished off with a final coat of acrylic vanish.

We have been working on an intergrated Science/Art project based on the students Cell explorations by painting giant (18”x24”) close-up watercolor paintings of different types of cells. Each student chose a cell of their preference. The students then learnt different ways of using watercolor paints, water soluble chalk pastels, water soluble oil pastels, water soluble crayons and using salt to create different textures in their cell paintings. These giant paintings are very inpressive.

Our students created insightful and creative 2D and 3D art projects that have been submitted to the Ravsak Art contest. The theme of this year’s Art program is AHAVA/LOVE.  The goal of the Artists’ Beit Midrash is for your students to explore this theme through the lens of Jewish text, and interpret the texts and narratives that they study through art.