7th Grade Humanities off to a great start!

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We are off to a great start in 7th grade humanities! I’ve been blown away by the summer projects. All students put in such great effort to creatively show their projects and presentations. In doing so, students been given a good taste of what to expect in our units from each other – from The Great Wall of China, to all things Greek, Roman concrete, Indian cuisine and a Mesopotamian game (which will kick off our first unit on Monday.)  I will look for co-teaching opportunities for all students as we continue!


This first week, students also drafted a print poem, “Where I’m From.”  It really allowed students to reach back into their histories in a different way.  Most are finished turning it into a digital format with photos and audio narration. I am going to try to do a viewing during back to school night when you visit my classroom.

For the next several weeks, students will learn about Mesopotamia for social studies. This week, we reviewed how to take effective notes when looking at a textbook and when viewing online information through the Oriental Museum in Chicago, which has excellent interactive information on this culture.  In addition, we will make our own cuneiforms using modern day imoges and have mock Hammurabi trials.  Students really seemed to enjoy learning about this ancient civilization.  Ask them about it!

Students are also diving into their at-home books for their book clubs. In class, we will explore the hero’s journey and in-class read excerpts from Gilgamesh (prose format). When books are finished, students will examine the heroes in their contemporary stories with Gilgamesh to examine how the concept of heroism has changed over time and will write about it through a compare and contrast essay.  In homework and journal prompts, I am already seeing them starting to connect with this theme.     20160831_085858 20160831_085905 20160831_085910 20160831_085913