7th Grade Humanities Unit on Greece

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Hello Parents,

Since Thanksgiving, 7th grade humanities have been traveling ancient Greece. Greece has such a rich history and students have so been enjoying reading D’Aulaires Book of Greek Myths  and Ulysses in graphic novel format to give them a strong foundation in this archetypal story before they read it in high school.

In our writing unit, are writing their own Greek myths and this is getting extended to our talented Ms. Slomovitz. She is just starting a project where students will learn about Greek architecture and create their own columns, with the God or Hero of their Greek myth on top of them. So we will have our very own AJA Mount Olympus! In addition, we have been examining Greek roots and introducing new vocabulary with Greek roots. It has been eye-opening to see what an influence this culture has on Western language and civilization. Another challenge in the writing is to name their Gods/Heros from Greek roots. We are also looking at the use of metaphor and similes to bring greater descriptions to the new Gods in their myths.

We are going to finish out the unit when we return from Winter break with a focus on the historical aspects, namely the Golden Age, the rule of Pericles, the Greek philosophers and Alexander the Great.

During winter break, I am asking students to read the Ulysses graphic novel. Some have already finished it because they loved the story so much. 🙂 I am also asking them to complete the first draft of their Greek myth, if they have not already done so in class.

Enjoy your winter break and I so look forward to our new year and new adventures in Ancient Civilizations together.