8th Grade Science, Sarah Jones

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8th grade has been exploring different aspects of oceanography, focusing on physical forces in the ocean. We’ve taken a dive to the ocean’s depths, looking at the various formations in the ocean and the changes in pressure, temperature, and light. We’ve explored pressure principles with a cartesian diver, and bernoulli’s principle with various lab activities. Finally, we looked at shallow and deep ocean currents.

Also, we are finally building our Rube Goldberg Machine! This will be a machine that is overly complicated, using simple machines and energy transformations to perform a simple task. As a class, we decided the objective of the machine and broke into groups to complete sections of the machine. Students will use their knowledge of energy transformations and simple machines, as well as chemical reactions, to build their machine. They have already collected materials and they are using half of the class time over the next few weeks to build their machine. I’ll be sure to record the final machine on video to share with you!