A Second Grade Community of Learning

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Second graders had a great month of community learning! Check out the summary below of the last few weeks!

Important Upcoming Dates:

Field trip to KVUE- still being planned (should be early Dec.)

Thanksgiving Break- Nov. 25-27

Hebrew/Science Project Due: Dec. 4th

In reading, students continue to strengthen their fluency and comprehension skills through guided reading, independent reading, peer practice, and learning centers. They read fun poems several times to strengthen fluency and expression skills. The class has focused a lot on identifying the main idea and supporting details in a story. Students worked hard to refine their skills by identifying the main idea in short stories, passages, chapter books, and paragraphs. Second grade students also learned to compare and contrast within a story. Using Venn diagrams, they compared and contrasted characters, stories, and more. The class will continue to use these important reading skills throughout the school year.

Second grade has studied a wide variety of topics in math. Students strengthened their regrouping skills by practicing two-digit addition with regrouping. Recently, students began to learn how to complete two-digit subtraction problems with regrouping. The class seems to really enjoy these more challenging problems! Students also practiced telling time on an analog and digital clock. Students learned to tell time to the nearest minute and to calculate elapsed time. They also worked with elapsed time word problems. Also, they learned to make change from dollar amounts and count it aloud. The class really enjoyed using this skill in a real-world setting by collecting money and giving change at the second grade market held to raise money for our tikkun olam project benefitting Austin Humane Society! Currently, students are studying measurement to the nearest half inch. Students learned to use a ruler and a tape measure to measure various items around the school.

In writing, students continue to follow the writing process in a writing workshop format. They are able to gather their thoughts during prewriting, compose a rough draft, self-edit, peer-edit, teacher conference, and then write a final copy. The children learned to write a paragraph with a topic sentence, supporting details, and a conclusion. First, they learned about opinions vs. facts and wrote an opinion paragraph. They used a paragraph burger graphic organizer where the top bun is the topic, the meat and toppings are the supporting details, and the bottom bun is the conclusion. These turned out great! These burger paragraphs are hanging up on display on the bulletin boards outside the classroom. Check them out!!

In language arts, students learned and reviewed the basic parts of speech. Students reviewed common, proper, singular, and plural nouns. They also learned that an adjective describes a noun and that an action verb tells an action. Students reviewed all parts of speech and should now be able to identify all three within a sentence.

Thank you, parents, for all of your support on our communities unit. I hope that you enjoyed hearing your child speak about his/her work at the presentation. Below you will find some pictures of the second graders on their field trip to the humane society, visiting with puppies from Austin Dog Rescue, practicing interview skills with middle school buddies, and making items to sell at the fundraiser for tikkun olam. Currently, we are beginning a unit in science about weather. So far, students received a brief introduction to weather and learned about measuring temperature using thermometers. Currently, we are studying clouds and students will learn the four main cloud types: cirrus, stratus, cumulous, and cumulonimbus.

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