A Super September!!!

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Upcoming Events:

9/28 –Early Release- Erev Yom Kippur

10/5-10/6- No School- Sukkot

10/12-10/13- No School- Shemini Atzeret

10/17- Field Trip to Austin Zoo!

10/30- Student Led Conferences

Our first Mystery Substitute! Chen taught us all about life in Israel, celebrating Rosh Hashanah, and the Israeli Army!
Our first Mystery Reader! We learned all about Russian culture and language.

Third graders kept busy this September! Here is a little summary of what third graders have been studying:


After finishing the class book, Third Grade Angels, students broke into small groups of 2-4 students called ‘book clubs’ and selected realistic fiction books of their choice. In these clubs, students created their own group contracts to abide by, set daily and weekly goals, kept ongoing vocabulary lists, and participated in group discussions. As a class, students learned to properly identify cause and effect within a story. They created charts in their reader’s response journals to display their understanding. The class also learned the ‘just right’ strategy for writing summaries, which emphasizes appropriate length, focusing on important events, and using your own words. In October, the class will begin studying the mystery genre. Once again, the class will start with a class book and then move on to book clubs.

Writing/Language Arts

In writing, students learned how to compose personal narratives. After viewing many examples of personal narratives, students began the writing process to create their own. Students learned to start with an interesting lead sentence and to close with a strong ending. Students were encouraged to include sensory words, details on how they felt or what they thought, and verbs to show how they acted. Third graders also studied nouns in language arts. Nouns were defined as people, places, things, or ideas. An emphasis was placed on common vs. proper nouns, and how to correctly identify proper nouns. As third graders, they understood that the expectation is to always capitalize proper nouns within all work.

AJA third graders run as fast as they can during a ‘Mathletics’ game combining kickball and math facts!


Students studied and reviewed a variety of math topics with an emphasis on multiple-step problems. They learned how to identify multiple step problems, how to write two number models (one for each step), and how to write their own multiple step problems. Strategies were utilized in order to determine which operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) should be used. Each week third graders also focused on a particular group of multiplication facts 0-12. So far, the twos, tens, and fives have been learned. The expectation is for students to have those facts (only those that have been tested so far) memorized with complete automaticity. Next, the class will move on to the X3 facts. Students also reviewed basic multiplication strategies such as using arrays (a series of rows and columns), grouping, repeated addition, and skip counting. Other problem solving techniques such as finding the rule, identifying patterns, inputs/outputs, parts and total charts, and more were also emphasized.


Edible Landforms!!!

Social Studies

Third grade wrapped up their landform unit, however, mapping skills will continually be weaved into lessons occasionally throughout the year. Students learned to identify many landforms such as islands, mesas, peninsulas, hills, mountains, plateaus, and more. They then applied this knowledge to complete an integrated art project. For this project, they had to create an island out of clay that includes 5-7 landforms. To make this project even more meaningful, their island will become a ‘mysterious setting’ for them to use in order to write a mystery story. Students also reviewed basic mappings skills like using a compass, a map key, and a map scale. They studied and labeled all of the continents and oceans on a world map. The class also made cute ‘plate maps’ of the world to help them recall the placement of continents. Next, third grade will begin a rather large unit tying into our theme for the year: ANIMALS! This will include adaptations, traits, endangered species, conservation, and much more!

Third graders are just too cool!!