A Very Presidential Second Grade

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Second grade had an awesome time at their play! I was so glad to hear from so many parents how much their child enjoyed this unit! Please read below as summary of what second grade has been working on.

In reading, students studied the nonfiction genre by reading books about American history, presidents, and other topics that tied into our social studies unit. Students learned to read for information by identifying facts. They practiced going back to a passage and rereading to find answers to questions. They used strategies such as highlighting or reading the question first. As a class, we discussed and reviewed facts vs. opinions. The class will continue practicing reading for information, as we will be using this skill more in the coming months. As for fiction, students had individually selected chapter books that they are reading at their own pace. Students respond to the text by writing in their reader’s response journals. In the journal, students practiced making connections, summarizing, and finding examples of cause/effect. Second graders also enjoyed several read-alouds about presidents, patriotic symbols, and US history.

In math second grade began a unit on multiplication. Students learned the basic concept of multiplication, as well as became familiar with basic facts 0-10. Students learned to think of multiplication as groups and formed problems like this: #of groups X # in each group. They also learned to make a series of rows and columns called an array to help visualize the problem. Below you will see students having fun making arrays out of M&Ms!! Students sang songs and learned clever tricks to help them with skip counting by 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9. They also learned other strategies such as building arrays, drawing picture groups, and repeated addition.

mms1 mms2 mms3 mms4 mms5

In writing, we integrated lessons from multi-cultural week and read the book Separate is Never Equal. After learning about equality and diversity, students then created a character that was diverse in some way. Then, they learned a story formula to help them write better stories. The formula is to create an inviting lead sentence to get the audiences’ attention, set the scene (show who the characters are and the setting), create interesting conflict, and then write a satisfying solution. Students then spent a lot of time developing their story and followed the entire writing process to complete this assignment.

Social studies was especially exciting as we had our Presidents’ Play on Feb. 17th! I hope that everyone enjoyed seeing the little presidents and first ladies perform! In order to prepare for the play, students first learned about what qualifies a president, how he is elected, and were briefly introduced to other forms of government. They then learned an overview of all presidents and selected the president or first lady they wanted to be in the play. After that, each child had to research using internet resources and books about their particular president. Once they found 10 facts about their president, these facts were put into their speech, which you heard at the play. To prepare, students also practiced many patriotic songs and learned about patriotic symbols. Below you will see pictures from the play and from our field trip to LBJ Library! Our next unit will be all about life cycles!

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