Africa, Grammar, and Family Fun Day

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Dear Parents,

In this third and final trimester of sixth grade humanities, we have begun our investigation of parts of the African continent. We are becoming acquainted with the map, with folktales, and with the usual discourse about Africa. We are exploring notions of a dominant, single story about a place so varied and diverse.

Our folktales provide as another way of analyzing and deconstructing the ways in which narratives and literature are shaped. After one of our nightly readings, we spent the morning in groups of two creating visuals to express our understandings of the underlying structure of the story. We will continue to connect this to the writing that we have done this year.

We spent much of last week understanding sentence structure and how this relates to commas. We tried to reduce all the grammar jargon to easily understood principles about how to punctuate as we add on to basic sentences. The sixth graders received these lessons very well, and they seem to be open to more of the grammar before as we use it to understand why we write the way we write.

For the calendar, please keep in mind spirit days coming up very soon. On Monday, students beginning dressing for the week in silly and fun ways. In just under three weeks, we look forward to our third annual middle school Family Fun Day on Sunday, April 3, from 12:30 to 2:30 on the lower field of the JCC. All members are invited to play team sports outside as we make our way outside to create memories and have fun.

Thanks for all the support!
Chris Aguero