Africana Studies in the Sixth Grade

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The Diversity of Africa!

This trimester, we have moved our studies from indigenous Latin America to indigenous Africa. We have explored the shifting map of the African continent and a wide variety of folktales from different peoples. Together, we read A Long Walk to Water, by Linda Sue Park, a story based in interviews and research about the story of two peoples’ parts in the creation of the world’s newest nation: South Sudan. Finally, we have studied the history of empires prior to Arab and European colonization. All of this research will culminate next month in the presentation of a rock band project.
This project requires a synthesis of research and personal creativity. Students will adapt a folktale of their choosing into a play. They will also create a song that teaches what they’ve learned. The name, logo, and look of each band are also worth points, which you can check out on the rubric Africa Project Rubric.