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I am putting the last few important dates to remember at the beginning of this post, to make sure everyone is aware.

May 5            Portfolio Day (no regular school)

May 10         Shema program 5Pm

May 16          Chicks will (hopefully) begin to hatch

May 17          Kindergarten Author’s Tea 2:30 in the Library (families invited)

May 25         Kindergarten Graduation 1:30 (families invited)

May 26         Last day of school

In our study of forces, the children did multiple experiments about speed, direction of force, how to change the speed of a force, and types and results of force.

In preparation for Passover, the children worked hard to clean and remove all the hametz from our classroom



The most exciting thing that has happened this month was the much anticipated arrival of our hatching eggs. The children are making careful observations of the incubator, monitoring the temperature and humidity level, learning about the life cycle of a chicken, and keeping track of the twenty one day incubation period.


Some girls from eighth grade were testing out some possible game ideas for children with special needs and came to test them out with the children.

We had a wonderful time at the Austin Science and Nature Center as we continued our study of birds. We had excellent instruction about owls and were able to get close and observe a tiny screech owl, and then use binoculars in the Birds of Prey area to see Barn, Barred, Great Horned, and Eastern Screech Owls.


We will finish out the school year with deeper study of birds and each child will study one type of bird and decide what kind of project to do to show their learning.

We look forward to Portfolio Day when the children can talk about their learning with their parents.