Art Cafe, 1st Grade, Ms. Slom

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We have just completed a project based on primary colors while looking at Jean Miro.

We looked at Jean Miro’s art and how his art evolved from something that we can recognize to simple organic shapes and from a diverse palette of colors back to the basic primary colors.

We are now learning about “Emphasis” in art. This principle of art indicates the most important element in the art work because it attracts the viewer’s attention first. We started off by taking a look at apple still life paintings by Paul Cezanne (1839-1906). Then the students traced around a foam plate on paper to make their own plate. The students used tempera paints and paintbrushes to paint the background one solid color of their choice and  painted the off-white/butter-cream color of the plate. Once dry we will work on the solid background with oil pastels to create patterns on the table cloth around the plate. Finally we will paint green and red apples onto the plate, add highlights to the apples in orange and yellow and add the letter “C” around the plate and apples to create a shadow to the fruit and plate. שנה טובה ומתוקה