Art Cafe, 3rd Grade, Ms. Slom

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In 3rd grade we do many integrated art projects with the social studies and science units with  common core standards. We have had a very busy month creating master pieces.

We started out with making deco-pache 3 dimensional map bowls by covering a Styrofoam bowl with pieces of paper maps from different cities-the students had much fun making these.

Our next Art project was “Flying over Texas”. We learn about Space.  “Space” refers to the distance between elements that creates positive or negative spaces in a composition in an art work. The students started by learning the watercolor technique of “wet on wet”. (Wet paper and wet paint). They created a web of black lines on wet paper with black india ink and a paint brush. Once dry, the students colored in the shapes that were made with watercolor crayons. Once completed their art project look like a birds eye view of the plains of Texas.

After discussing primary colors and line in Piet Mondrian’s (1872-1944) art work, each student got a piece of white paper with the map of Texas on it,  a ruler and a pencil. The students divided the surface of the whole paper into rectangles and squares, copied over their lines in black sharpie and then colored only the map of Texas’s various geometric spaces in colored markers of their choice. שנה טובה ומתוקה