Art Cafe, Ms. Slom, 1st grade

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Student artists in 1st grade learnt many skills while painting a hamster under a plaid blanket. They started by practicing on how to draw a straight line while using a ruler and pencil. Once comfortable with this skill, students drew horizontal and vertical straight lines on their paper with a ruler and once complete we learnt to color in the plaid (alternating squares in alternating colors) with watercolor crayons. 1st grade artists then drew their hamsters and pillows (curvy lines) and colored the hamsters in too. Once all was colored in, the artists painted over the crayons in water to create a watercolor effect. 1st grade students enjoyed the process and are so proud of their paintings. These beautiful art pieces are hanging in School (hallway) gallery.

We have started a Claude Monet (1840-1928) painting of the Japanese bridge (1889) using alternative methods of mark making, (not paintbrushes)such as- popsicle sticks as scrapers, finger tips, q-tips in bundles, witches fingers, erasers.

“Oh dreidl, dreidl, dreidl I made it out of clay”- students enjoyed learning how to work in clay and making dreidls out of clay and decorated them with underglaze colors, once fired in the kiln they will glaze them.