Art Cafe, Ms. Slom, 2nd grade

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We played the ZaZa  Boom Art card game and then did an art project. We first played a matching game and then chose 4 cards and drew them and made our own cards and then mounted them onto a colored background.

Henri Rousseau (1844-1910) He was a self taught artist who loved to paint in the greenhouse.  He was in his first art show in his early forties. He loved to paint jungle pictures even though he had never been to a jungle.  Instead, he used pictures from the newspaper to help him figure out how to draw wild animals like lions and tigers!  This is great news for us because most of us have never been to the jungle either! Students learnt to drew a jungle and a toucan and a tiger, they choose either a toucan or tiger to place in their jungle. Students colored in water color crayons and then painted over the crayons creating a feeling of watercolor paints. Students enjoyed this project.

PBL mark making from nature – Students started by being asked: What do we use to make marks with in Art? The answers were: Pencils, Markers, Paints, Brushes, etc.  They were then asked: What would we make marks with if we were in Nature? To answer that, we went out on a nature walk and collected items that we thought we could make a mark with-such as: leaves, rocks, blades of grass etc. We came back into the classroom and the students each choice 5 things that they would like to try and see what mark the item would make, by dipping it in paint.  Students enjoyed the process of exploring the mark making difference between the items they choice and then displayed their tool of mark making.

“Oh dreidl, dreidl, dreidl I made it out of clay”- students enjoyed learning how to work in clay and making dreidls out of clay and decorated them with underglaze colors, once fired in the kiln they will glaze them.