Art Cafe, Ms. Slom, Kindergarten

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We have had a very busy month. We started with looking at Georgia O’keefe flowers and noticed that you were VERY BIG. We then drew out our VERY BIG flowers and colored them in oil pastels. We with moved on to make sculptures. We first discussed the similarities and differences between a 2D piece of art and a 3D piece of art. Students were given cut up toilet roll rings which they assembled and painted.

We then looked at German Artist Paul Klee (1879-1940) Castle and Sun painting (1928) and noticed the different shapes that made up the castle and the sun. We then created a grid and traced the geometric shapes from the grid. We used oil pastels to color in the shapes. These beautiful art pieces are hanging in School (hallway) gallery.

Next we read the book The Princess and the pea by Hans Christian Andersen and drew up the bed and mattresses and the princess on top in black oil pastels and then painted in watercolor paints. We are now working on a large abstract piece using a variety of art materials.

“Oh dreidl, dreidl, dreidl I made it out of clay”- students enjoyed learning how to work in clay and making dreidls out of clay and decorated them with underglaze colors, once fired in the kiln they will glaze them.