Art Elective-Ms.Slomowitz

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MS art elective:

Many thanks to all the teachers and parents that helped to make this elective a reality by lending us their sewing machines to use for the duration of this elective.


With much excitement, the sewing students are busy making their own patterns for Thai fisherman pants out of brown paper and will then cut their pattern in white muslin fabric. The students will learn about the sewing machine; how it works and how to sew a straight seam before sewing together their garments. Once all the pants are sewn each student will be able to personalize their own by tye-dying them in their colors and patterns of choice.

MS Sculpture:

Unit: From 2 Dimensional to 3 Dimensional

Paintings are 2D – Sculpture is 3D.  Each student chose a well-known painting of a famous artist and is enlarging it and building it into a 3D sculpture. The art students are learning to enlarge each level of the paintings, working with a grid and reproduce the colors and shapes of the original art piece.