Art- Ms. Slomowitz

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Our next art/science project is Space mobiles. We will look and discuss the American sculptor and artist most famous for inventing mobile sculptures, Alexander Calder (1898 –1976).  Each student will create their very own solar system mobile using styrofoam, papier mache and acrylic paints to embellish their planets.

Our next and last art project of this year is in the style of British Artist David Hockney (1937- )  – especially those with swimming pools. We will look at David Hockney’s swimming pool and water paintings and discuss with the students how people look under water – flowing hair, lighter skin. What causes the shimmering surfaces on the water and what do they look like?

The students will draw one or more people in swimsuits and color them with oil pastels. They will use white oil pastel to draw a water pattern in the background, consisting of wavy horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. They will finally paint the picture with blue and/or green diluted colored ink. The swimmers and the white lines will not resist the ink.