Art-Ms Slomowitz

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The art students in  Kindergarten have been working on their Portfolios. They learned how to construct block letters writing the word ART. After coloring the word in with crayons, they used liquid watercolors over the crayons and sprinkled salt thus creating a textured wax resist.  The students will bring all their art work home in their portfolio at the end of the school year.


Our next art project is collage owls. We read the book, “A Perfect Place for an Elf Owl” written and illustrated by 1st and 2nd grade students from Anthony T.  Lane Elementary School in Alexandria, VA. The students looked at all types of owls. Each student will draw and color an owl of their choice and will be drawing and painting a suitable habitat.  We will add feathers and googly eyes to our owls to add personality to each one.