Art, Ms Susan Slomowitz

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The students have completed the art project inspired by Friedrich Hunderwasser (1928 –2000) and his Fantasy Landscapes, we also looked at architectural his buildings in cities and the students are creating an imaginary city in line, color and shape.

The Holocaust Museum in Houston is collecting 1.5 million handmade butterflies as in an effort to remember the 1,500,000 children who  perished in the Holocaust. The art students learned how symmetry works and have produced beautiful colorful butterflies using a simple mono-print technique. The butterflies will eventually comprise a breath-taking exhibition, currently scheduled for spring 2013. In the meantime, the butterflies will be displayed at the city-wide Yom Hashoah event on April 19th but also they will be on exhibit at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden for the month of April.

Our next art project is ‘Falling for Foreshortening’. Foreshortening is the optical illusion that feels like something is coming toward you because of a change in size. This occurs when a part of something moves from one part of space to another. The students learned about the concept of foreshortening through a fun drawing activity. We first traced the bottom of our shoes with all its details and then the palm of our hands on paper. The students then drew their arms, legs, head and body between the shoes and hands to create the illusion that the body is further away and that feet and hands are coming towards us.

In a current art project, the fourth graders are each creating an Egyptian Sarcophagus.  We looked at art of the ancient Egyptian sarcophagi for inspiration. The students will be using oven baked clay to build the sarcophagus and will fill the top portion with details inspired by Ancient Egyptian art and hieroglyphics. They will add color with acrylic paints to embellish the mummy cover.


Recycled Items Needed

Many of our art projects are made with recycled items: The art room is in need of unused CD’s, empty plastic water bottles, soda bottles, milk containers, glass wine bottles, corks and lids, cereal boxes and newspapers. Please bring to the Art Room (Room 230).