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Moving on

As the excitement built up for our Water Show, the children were experimenting with different water stations that might be appropriate for the preschool children to participate in. One of those was mixing corn starch with water to create the lovely solid/liquid mixture that is so enticing to explore. After the exploration the children decided that this might not work so well with seventy two...

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Happy New Year in Kindergarten

What was all the noise coming from the Kindergarten classroom? Happy New Year horns make quite a bit of racket, it turns out! As we returned from winter break, we celebrated the New Year by doing an activity called “Out with the old- 2017, In with the new-2018. The children determined what they wanted to do better or learn in 2108. As part of our water study we have been reading books...

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Good work Kindergarten!

In Language Arts the children enjoy the days when they can work at their own pace reinforcing literacy skills using their “choice sheet.” They can choose to do word work with sight words, writing, reading from their book boxes independently or with a buddy, using their Song and Poem Binders, or listening to stories.    We were working on story problems in math, but to record...

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October post

It is hard to believe that another month has passed by. The children have been busy finishing up their “All About Me” books and activities and “diving” into our water unit. As an entry event we had a visit from an “alien” who had been traveling around in space looking for a planet that had water because on her planet, Octavia, people did not save or protect...

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Off to a great start!

We have had a wonderful start to our Kindergarten year. Our cute little class is small in number but big in enthusiasm and spirit! Here we are on the first day of school with our Solar Eclipse hats! It has been a joy to get to know the children better as we have been working on establishing our “school family” culture. Making the investment of time to explicitly teach social skills...

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