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Seventh Grade J.S. Blog – November

“Long live the king!!” Seventh graders are about to meet the very first king of the Israelites. We have looked at several models of leadership – judges, priests, prophets, etc – and they have all failed. Now, it is time for a king. God has chosen Saul, and the only thing we know about him is that he is young, tall and good. The students have excitedly...

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Sixth Grade J.S. Den Blog – November

Sixth grade is really enjoying JCAT (Jewish Court of All Time), and 3 of our own students were nominated to be justices who get to vote on the trial!! They still need to receive “votes of confidence” from their peers, but I’m sure they will all get a chance to cast a vote in the real trial. Those who are not “justices” will still get a...

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Fifth Grade J.S. Blog – November

Guilty or innocent, that is the question! Well, if you’re in Fifth grade Jewish studies, that is. Fifth graders are trying to determine if Joseph’s brothers are guilty of putting Joseph in a pit and selling him to Midianite traders. You may think this is straightforward, but as your students can tell you, it’s actually a very complicated...

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Fourth Grade J.S. Blog – November

Fourth grade is now deep into the major integration project with Jewish studies, technology, and general studies. We are taking the story of Jacob and Esau, and re-telling it from a different character’s perspective and using a specific theme. Your students are majorly impressing me with how well they connect with the characters and story, and how thoughtful they are about...

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Second Grade J.S. Blog – November

Righteous man! Ark! Flood! Animals! What do all these things have in common? They’re all a part of the story of Noah, which is exactly what we’re learning about in Jewish studies class. We’ve started our study of Noah, and your children are so excited to learn more about him and his story. Looking forward, we will be doing some journal-writing,...

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