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November Den Blog for Jewish Studies 2nd-6th grade

2nd grade: Second graders have been busy learning the vocabulary and plot line of the story of Noah’s Ark. They love playing games to reinforce vocabulary and are excited to share their latest project – their Animal Journal – on Portfolio Day. As they read the story of Noah’s Ark, they imagine life as an animal on the ark – what the animal was thinking and feeling,...

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Jewish Studies (2nd-6th) – October Den Blog

Shalom families, I have had such a great (and BUSY!) month learning with your children! Find your child’s grade below to see what we’ve been up to!! 2nd grade: We did so much learning about the holidays in October (The Hebrew month of Tishrei) – we learned so much about the Shofar, the story of Jonah and the importance of acknowledging mistakes and saying sorry for our study of...

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2nd-6th Jewish Studies September

Shalom Families, I am having so much fun learning with your students, and I wish everyone a Shana Tovah U’Metukah – A Happy and Sweet New Year! Find your child(ren)’s grades below to see what they’ve been learning!! 2nd Grade: We’ve been working hard learning about and creating our own Kibbutzim, which means we’ve been talking a lot about the values of...

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Jewish Studies Update (2nd-6th)

Shalom families! This will be an update on the Jewish Studies learning for 2nd-6th grade. Each grade began the year by practicing the various routines and procedures for the Jewish Studies room, such as singing the blessing before learning Torah and making sure AJA PRIDE extends into this classroom. Check below for a learning update – I’m looking forward to meeting all of you...

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7th grade Jewish Studies Blog – May

Seventh grade has just finished Shmuel Aleph, or Samuel 1. Our major overarching theme throughout the study of this book was looking at the model of a king – specifically Saul – as a model for leadership. We saw his ascent into the kingship and why he was originally chosen. We’ve seen his mistake of not following through on all of G-d’s commands....

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