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6th grade Jewish Studies Blog – May

Sixth grade has been working so hard to read as much Torah as possible this year – we have covered nearly half of the book of Shmot, or Exodus, and read selections from Bamidbar, or Numbers, which help us understand the full story of the Israelites and their journey. We have recently seen a lot of “mistakes” that leaders have made, and how their mistakes have...

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5th grade Jewish Studies Blog

Fifth grade is working hard to prepare for Austin’s Zionist Congress of 2016, which will take place on May 27th. As a whole class, we learned all about Theodor Herzl and what inspired him to become a Zionist, as well as the steps that led to the creation of a new Jewish State. Now, your students are working hard to research other key Zionist leaders from the 18th and 19th...

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4th grade Jewish Studies Blog May

Fourth Grade is currently reading Milkweed, a novel set during WWII. The students have already amazed me with their understanding of so many key themes and concepts, such as identity, gratitude, and friendship. I look forward to seeing their finished projects next week!   In 4th grade, we are also finishing up the story of Jacob and Esau – the brothers will soon reunite, and it will be...

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3rd grade Jewish Studies Blog Post

Third grade is in the middle of a an adventure to find a wife for Yitzhak – just kidding, they’re not actually finding him a wife, but they are reading all about it in the Torah!!! They’ve already learned that finding a “nice Jewish girl” was important even in the Torah, because KINDNESS was the key quality Eliezer was looking...

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Second Grade May Blog (Jewish Studies)

Second graders have been busy learning all about towers! Well, one particular tower – the Tower of Babel. We read the story and have done several fun activities to learn all about this. One of these fun activities is showcased in the pictures below – the Marshmallow-Spaghetti Challenge! In small groups, students were given the challenge of building the tallest tower out of (uncooked)...

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