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Seventh Grade Jewish Studies

Seventh grade is working hard to finish up Sefer Shmuel Aleph (Samuel I) – so far, they have seen the rise and fall of the first king, Saul, and they are tracking the progress of David, who we know is the future king of Israel. In order to capture the drama and paranoia and betrayal of this story, they were divided into groups and created fun movie trailers which demonstrate just how...

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Sixth Grade Jewish Studies

Sixth grade is continuing our study of Sefer Shmot – the book of Exodus. Now that the Israelites have been redeemed from Egypt (just in time for Passover!!) they are tasked with the important job of becoming a community. This is harder than it seems – especially for a nation of former slaves who are still learning what it means to be free – but still obligated to follow the laws...

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Fifth Grade – Haggadah

Fifth grade’s big Passover unit we have been working on is centered around the Haggadah. There are several sections within the Haggadah, each taking us through the experience of Passover and having us relive it so we can feel as if we were personally redeemed from Egypt. Each student was given a different section to study, and they are ultimately creating their own page/section...

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Fourth Grade – Chametz & Matzah

Fourth grade’s learning theme for Pesach this year is “Chametz and Matzah.” We began our unit by learning all about matzah, and looking at all the different commandments in the Torah to eat Matzah to try to figure out why we eat it in the first place! We discovered that Matzah is referred to as both the bread of affliction and the bread of freedom,...

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Journey through Pesach – Third Grade

Third grade has been busy during Jewish Studies learning about Passover! Our theme this year is about the “journey” which brought the Israelites from Egypt and, eventually, into Israel. We connected it back to the journey of Avraham and saw how the stories of both these leaders – even though they were hundreds of years apart – had similar themes. We then...

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