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Second Grade: Slavery to Freedom

Second grade has been busy learning all about PASSOVER! Our theme in Second grade is “From Slavery to Freedom.” We learned the song “Avadim Hayinu” (We were slaves) which is part of the Haggadah, and some students wrote acrostic poems themed around “slavery” and “freedom.” Students...

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Seventh Grade Jewish Studies Blog

Seventh grade is continuing to be immersed in the story of the first monarchy of Israel and all the drama that came with it! Currently Saul (the jealous king) is chasing David (the valiant warrior and secretly anointed king) around Israel, and killing anyone Saul thinks is a threat. It’s all very intense, and I can’t wait to continue journeying on in the story with your students....

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Sixth Grade Jewish Studies Blog

Sixth grade is continuing their study of the book of Shmot (Exodus) and they’re almost finished with the fourth parshah (Beshallach, which goes through chapter 17). We will soon be watching the animated film “Prince of Egypt” to compare and contrast the movie with the actual story, and discuss how biblical characters and stories are portrayed by popular media. We will then move...

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Fifth Grade Jewish Studies Blog

Fifth grade is currently holding a “Purim Hero Contest” to take a deeper look at each of the characters of the Purim story in order to determine who the bravest hero of the story is. They will be campaigning hard next week in order to prove their hero’s worthiness of the title. They are also learning even more of the Hallel service, including “B’tzeit Yisrael...

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Fourth Grade Jewish Studies Blog

Fourth grade is busy having fun creating a TV show to be aired in Shushan to catch everyone up on all of the drama! This will include breaking news, interviews with characters, commercials for Vashtis Divorce Attorney services and parody songs. This TV show is sure to go down in history as one of the funniest and most informative shows ever!! During Tefillah, fourth grade has finished learning,...

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