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7th grade, The Art Cafe, Ms Slomowitz

7th grade Humanities/Art integration project. The students looked at using the means of Communication from the ancient world vs the modern world. The students first looked at ancient languages – Cuneiform and learnt that they are based on the ideas of pictographic imagery and their interpretations. We then looked at one of the most modern (pictographic) means of communication...

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SteAm, 6th -7th Grade, The Art Cafe, Ms Slomowitz

We are now working on “Movement” in 3D space. We started by looking at Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti’s (1901-1966) Bronze of Walking Man (1949). This is a tall gaunt expressive figure that some see as an interpretation of the horrors of war and the holocaust. Giacometti said “I am not sculpting human figures but the shadow that they...

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5th grade, The Art Cafe, Ms. Slomowitz

We worked with the complementary colors on black and white photocopies depicting flowers. To color the pictures, we used oil pastels and we cut the photocopies into three parts. Each piece of the picture was colored with a pair of complementary colors and then the three parts were reassembled and glued onto a white sheet. The students enjoyed this art project and the artwork is impressive! We...

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4th graade, The Art Cafe, Ms Slomowitz

In 4nd grade the Elements of Art that we are learning are Line and Space. Our “Tornado” illusion Optical Art project was great fun. We started out by discussing how a “line” on a 2D piece of paper can give the illusion of a 3D object. The students then practiced the repeated curved line in a “sloppy copy” that...

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3rd Grade, The Art Cafe, Ms Slomowitz

In 3nd grade the Element of Art that we are learning is “Texture”. We started with a fun art project called “spaghetti Art” which lead into our foil embossed Art project. Each student got a piece of cardboard and cut out wedges around the sides and then wrapped some string around the cardboard into the wedges. They then spread glue on one...

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