Autumn Learning is Fun in 1st Grade!

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Greetings from First Grade!!

Fall is a busy time in first grade!  In English/Language Arts, we enjoyed sharing our hot cocoa story time with our families.  We are practicing our question words and have learned the ‘glued sounds’ of -all, -am, and -an, the ‘doubled ending letters’ (f, l, and s) and plural ‘s’.  Our reading fluency and comprehension continues to grow and most first graders have completed their second reading logs ahead of schedule!

In Everyday Math, we continue to practice number stories and use the number line and number grid to solve problems as we also move into measurement.  Science is exciting as we are learning about force and motion and finding pushes and pulls all around us as well as writing stories about what life would be like on Earth with less or more gravity.

In Social Studies, we enjoyed learning about each others’ family culture in our interviews and show-and-share time.  Now we are studying Native American culture, creating our own symbol dictionaries, and preparing our ‘Legend of the Bluebonnet’ play.

Throughout first grade, we continue to build our classroom family and reinforce community expectations, develop personal responsibility, and practice being kind, being safe, and being our best selves!

Wishing you and yours a restful Thanksgiving holiday!