Awesome April

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Second graders had an awesome April at AJA!!! The children have published awesome books! You will finally get to see them on Portfolio Day!

Upcoming Events:

-Portfolio Day- May 8th

-Book Fair- Week of May 4th

– Memorial Day (no school)- May 25th

-Last day of school- June 5th (early dismissal)


Below is a summary of what the class learned in April:


At the very start of April, we wrapped up our unit on the fairytale genre. Students were exposed to a wide variety of fairytales and were able to identify various aspects of the genre. They also came up with various ways that a story could be modified in order to create their own. The class also worked on reading for information in nonfiction texts on various topics of interest. Students practiced skills like going back and rereading to find an answer, inferring, and creating thought-provoking questions for peers.

After learning about many genres throughout the year, students chose a book within their favorite genre. Currently, students are reading the chapter book of their choice independently during reading time. In class, students are responding to the text in a variety of ways reviewing techniques learned during the course of the school year. Second graders have used their book so far to make predictions, compare and contrast, summarize, make connections, and identify story elements. Students will continue to read and work on their chosen chapter book at their own pace.

Writing/Language Arts

As mentioned earlier, the class wrapped up their fairytale unit and completed their fairytale books. The books were sent to the publishing company to be hard bound. These will be presented on Portfolio Day (May 8th) and can be taken home at that time. Currently in language arts the class is studying the use of apostrophes. Second graders learned that apostrophes are used in contractions or to show possession. They now know that a contraction is an abbreviated version of two words put together with an apostrophe replacing letters. For one week in spelling, the whole class focused on spelling common contractions. Students also learned how to make nouns possessive and plural possessive. They learned to add an ‘s to most nouns to make it possessive and a s’ to make it plural possessive. We also discussed exceptions to these rules. Currently in creative writing, students are reflecting on their year in second grade to begin a personal narrative. So far, we have only just begun the writing process, therefore, we will be continuing this into the beginning of May. So far, students have learned about personal narratives, read many examples, and come up with highlights from the year. They have chosen their topic and will be continuing the writing process.


In math students took their basic knowledge of telling time and counting money and expanded on those topics. Students worked on finding the amount of time that had elapsed in a given word problem, as well as created their own. They also learned to use different vocabulary to tell the time such as, half past, a quarter to, and a quarter past. Second graders also worked on counting larger money amounts in coin and bill combinations. The focus this month was on making change from a dollar. Students learned two ways to make change; the counting up method and subtracting. Students used their regrouping skills to subtract cent amounts from $1.00. Everyone did very well at “Ms. Frazee’s Reverse Store,” where I was the customer and they were the cashier giving change. Currently, the class is reviewing multiplication. They have reviewed strategies such as skip counting, making arrays, and grouping. Second grade will continue to review this into the month of May and will also review division in order to prepare them for third grade. Don’t forget that every second grader has the goal of passing addition and subtraction on!

Social Studies

In social studies, second graders are currently working on a short unit about map reading. They have learned about the cardinal directions, how to use a compass, how to read a map key, and general map reading skills. They practiced by looking a hard copy maps, as well as several internet sources. Students practiced by mapping the trail area on campus and then mapped their own bedroom at home. The class is learning to identify the continents and oceans. Together, they made a huge map of the world and labeled the oceans and continents. Below you will see a photo of them working as a team to build the map. Soon second grade will wrap up our mini-unit on maps. The next unit of study will be a science unit on simple machines. Also, the fourth grade buddies taught the class about the Alamo in their awesome play! Check out the photo of second grade watching attentively as fourth grade performs.

map2 map1 alamo