Brennion- Sept 2014

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Brennion’s Beehive Update


Dates to Remember:

September 25- No School

September 26- No School

September 29- Early Release & Student Learning Conferences


General Studies:

Science- Earth Changes: Slow vs. Rapid

Social Studies- Texas Geography

Math- Number Fluency

ELA- Reader’s Responses, Spelling Sorts, Labor Day Weekend Narratives

Science & Social Studies


Our first units in Science and Social Studies overlap as we explore Earth and its many changes as well as the geography of Texas. The students have started by researching the 4 main regions of Texas. Many were excited to share that they had been to the Coastal Plains and/or the Mountains & Basins. A few had even been up through the Great Plains. As we discovered the landforms that charaterize each of these regions, we merged into Science by brainstorming if these landforms were created by slow or rapid changes. We will continue exploring how Earth Changes and where there is evidence of those changes in Texas as we begin our first project of the year.



As we dust off the summer and dive back into school, we started the year off with Number Fluency. Number Fluency is such an important skill and continues to build from year to year. We have reviewed place value by looking at numbers in their word form and expanded form. We learned, practiced and analyzed best strategies for both addition and subtraction of multi-digit numbers.  All of which has set up the foundation for part of the work we will do in our first project.


English Language Arts

We have started off our year by setting up our Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop. The students each have book boxes that they keep chapter books, high interest books, science and/or social studies books in that can be read during class. We have also started Reader’s Responses in the form of a letter to the teacher as well as post-its in our books for connections and questions. We have also completed our first writing! We used the Labor Day Weekend as our inspiration.  Utilizing the strategy of a list of events, we grew that into a narrative. We also took the opportunity to practice our presentation skills by presenting our pieces in class.


Coming Soon

-Our First Project: Texas, a Land Worth Seeing!

-Our First Class Novel: Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing