Nov. Happenings in 1A

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1A has had a lot of fun and learning going on in November.

Last week we went to the Science Lab to see our buddies. We took our sugar crystal experiment and got to look at the crystals with a magnifier that projected the image on a computer.  In spelling we learned about base words and making plurals by adding s.  We all passed our spelling/dictation test this week and can all spell the word chocolate!

On Pajama Day we enjoyed hot chocolate, whipped cream and marshmallows along with reading stories and playing with our stuffed animals.  Can you believe it was already the 50th day of school? We each brought in 50 items to count and share.  Later we played a memory game with all the items.

In Social Studies we are leaning about different Native Americans and what part of North America they live in.  We are talking about their symbols, way of life and culture.  ON Thursday we read a book called Geraldine In The Rug and then we learned how to weave .   We had so much fun, we are going to work on different types of weavings.  We’ve learned about the Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest and heard about their totem poles and talking sticks.  We’ve talked about Native Americans in the Southwest and heard about some of their customs.  We summarized the book Legend of the Bluebonnet.

Next week we will tie in the Native Americans of the Northeast to the Thanksgiving story.  We will do some projects with Ms. Faris’/ class and then celebrate a cultural Thanksgiving feast(snack) on Friday.  We will continue learning about place value and start our studies of math fact power!  Looking forward to the new week.grasshopper in jarbuddyclassMadisonMagnifierclass weavehot chocolatemaya and caraThank you to all parents for their support.  Stay warm and see you next week.