Bridges to first grade October

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The month of October kept 1A very busy.  In math we learned the game of Top It using dominos and skip counted with a giant number line which we drew outside.  We engaged in measuring by using standard and nonstandard forms of measurement.  We weighed and measured each other and then we traced the outlines of our bodies and labeled our results.  mathm4outsidepic1mathm6b21photo 9We did some wonderful writing projects with the books Lilly and Her Plastic Purse and

The Day the Crayons Quit. We went through the different stages of writing and then shared our work with the entire class.  This month we also signed our promise to help keep the AJA a no place for hate campus.IMG_8186

In Science we did many experiments having to do with the properties of matter.  We practiced making observations, taking notes and using the scientific method.  We made ooblek with the other first grade class, made sugar crystals, did an experiment called Puddle Science and together with our AJA Buddies we made liquid into a gas out in the Becker Science Lab.ss17ss11b9b11b20

Everyone in 1A completed their Reading Logs and are well on their way to completing their logs for November.  The class has also been earning tickets for good behavior and collecting them for prizes.  Besides their individual prizes, the class is working towards a class prize of a pajama party.  They are very close and I am sure we will see it in November!

We are looking forward to beginning our Culture unit as we prepare to travel around the world. We will be crossing many bridges as we learn about different countries and their customs, culture and traditions.