Building Community!

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 We have had an excellent couple of days together!!

Yesterday we read I Love School and the kids discussed their favorite things.  They made a “bumper sticker” with their favorite things.  We started talking about two ways to read a book:  1 To read the words 2.  To read the pictures.  Then the students practiced reading for a few minutes.  In math we talked about math game procedures and the students played the card game “war” with a partner.  At the end of the day we discussed the classroom peace corner and giving each other I-messages.  The students decorated peace signs to hang in our peace corner.

We are learning to walk the hallways quietly with the poem marshmallow toes.

Into the hallway,

Everyone goes

Walking quietly

On our

Marshmallow Toes!

Today we read The Giving Tree and students wrote about a special gift they bring to the classroom, home, or world.  We talked about the third way to read a book, which is to retell the story.  In math we made a picture graph of the student’s eye colors.  In the afternoon we read Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and I introduced Australia.  Australia is a place students can go and take some deep breathes if they need to calm down and collect their thoughts.  We finished our day with students interviewing a partner to learn more about their classmates.

 At the end of the week I will be posting some pictures of our first week together!