Busy Autumn Days in Ms. Faris' First Grade:

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First graders have had a busy month!  Here’s what we’ve been up to…scroll down to read more:

In ELAR, we are almost finished with our story books!  First graders went through the entire writing process with their groups to create unique stories we look forward to sharing with you.  In phonics, we’ve been studying the glued sounds  -all, -an,and -am and continue to add to our sight word vocabulary.  In reading groups, students are improving their fluency and comprehension skills with practice each day.

In Math, we are learning to complete frames and arrows diagrams, practicing adding and subtracting on the number line and number grid, figuring out how to find the missing number in an equation, and solving word problems.

In Science, we collaborated with Mrs. Fox’s class to study, compare, and contrast pumpkins.  We weighed them, learned about the pumpkin life cycle, experimented to find out if they sink or float, and cut them open to count the seeds inside after predicting how many seeds would be in each one.

In Social Studies, we’re getting ready to do our family culture interviews as an introduction to our year long study of cultures around the world.  We are also performing our classroom jobs and practicing collaboration with peers.