Busy Bees

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Our little Kindergarten Hive has been busy, busy, busy. We have now been in school for more than 25 days and I am impressed by how much the children have grown and matured in just that short amount of time. They are making meaningful connections with their peers through small group and partner work. They are learning more about what our one classroom rule “Be Helpful” means, to one’s self, to our classmates, and in our school environment. Our “bee keeper” is kept busy looking for helpful things that go on at school and adding a bee magnet to our hive. Some examples of the celebration we have when they fill up the hive are playing with the musical instruments and using play dough at exploration time. Here are some curricular activities that we have been working on:

  • Concepts of print- parts of a book, letters, spaces, words, punctuation, capital letters, etc.
  • Learning days of the week and months of the year
  • Posture, pencil grip, and letter formation
  • Characters and settings of stories
  • Beginning, middle, and end of stories
  • Acting out story lines
  • Beginning letter sound practice
  • Learning about vowels and consonants
  • Rhyming activities
  • Writing “I Like” books
  • First class book “All By Myself”
  • Tracking print with pointers in our Song and Poem Binders
  • Counting sequence
  • Number formation
  • Understanding that addition is putting together or adding to something
  • Classifying objects
  • Graphing yes/no questions about ourselves
  • Using sentence frames
  • Describing, analyzing , and comparing shapes
  • Growing and repeating patterns with pattern blocks and nature items
  • Sorting activities
  • Activities about our homes and families (example- making a family tree)
  • Making a map of our rooms
  • Doing experiments involving our bodies (eg. What can pick up with our hands that we can’t pick up with our feet?)
  • Observations of the chickens on campus

I hope that you will all be able to attend the following activities in the coming weeks and months- this will give you some “save the dates” for your calendar.

  • September 29            Walking field trip to the post office- 10:15
  • October 13                  Field trip to Anderson High for a play  9:15
  • October 28                 Sensory Fair (projects due)- 1:15-2:15
  • November 18             Field trip to H.E.B. to shop for our Thanksgiving Feast 10:30
  • November 22             Thanksgiving Feast for parents- 11:30-12:30
  • December 15              Hanukkah play -9:00

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