Buzzing along in KG

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Things have been “buzzing” along in Kindergarten. Here are some highlights:


  • Focus books- A My Name is Alice, Morris Goes to School, Three Little Kittens, Mr. Bumble, The Honeybee and Robber, Shubert is a Star
  • Rhyming games and puzzles
  • Beginning letter sound games
  • Parts of a book
  • Letters, words, sentences game
  • Listening for beginning, middle, and end of a story
  • Predicting story endings
  • Vocabulary discussions
  • Class books- “ Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar,” Our Best Buddies,” and “I Am”
  • Adding a bee song to our song and poem binder
  • Poems about school materials
  • Reading activity with our 3rd grade buddies


Writer’s workshop

  • Learning how to generate ideas for writing
  • Telling a story across our hands
  • Turning and talking about our work with a partner
  • Learning about adding details to our story
  • Begin to “publish” a book



  • Math journal introduction
  • Sound and action patterning
  • Cookie tasting and graphing our favorite
  • Zero the Hero and the 20th day of school
  • Skip counting by 10’s
  • Introduction of the number line
  • “Monster Squeeze” game with the number line
  • Number writing practice with our number poem
  • Books: How Many? The Three Little Kittens, What Comes in 2’s, 3’s and 4’s, Emily’s First One Hundred Days of School, Over in the Meadow, Chicka Chicka 123
  • What is a hexagon?



  • Books: The Bee Makers, Hooray for Beekeeping, and Buzz Said the Bee
  • Visit from a Beekeeper
  • Parts of a honeybee
  • Tasting and describing honey


Social Studies

  • Add a cell to our honeycomb with an illustration of how to be helpful in our classroom
  • Visit from Mrs. Bryan (our school counselor)
  • Shubert is a Star- a book about ways to get calm when we are feeling sad, mad, or frustrated
  • Practice ways to get calm in the “Safe Place”
  • How do bees help each other?

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Here is our fun beekeeper and his cool tools and his live honeybees! Some of the children loved trying on the beekeeper suit and tasting the honey! We learned so much about bees and beekeeping.

Things to remember

  • Please help your child remember to bring back their library book on Wednesdays- you can keep this one until next week because of Rosh Hashanah
  • Bring back the Monday folder on Tuesday (emptied out)
  • Rest mats on Monday mornings
  • Tennis shoes on Tues. and Wed. for P.E.
  • Parent Teacher conference on Monday September 29- this is a half day- we will dismiss on the ECP side of the building at 12:00 noon- if your child is leaving with someone else or going to a JCC aftercare camp that day, please notify us