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Eighth Grade

November News

                          Passion Project The eighth grade students are charging forward with their independent projects, spending time meeting with community experts and preparing for their pitches on Portfolio...

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Longest number ever to be seen in the AJA

Hi parents. Ely, Carly and Eddie are breezing through the six grade math curriculum. Today we learnt about scientific notation and they were happy to use the whole length (and width) of the board to create an extremely long number (in standard form) and then write it as a very short number using its scientific notation form. Every Friday we have a special math activity in which the three fifth...

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Sports and Sleep

      Dear Parents, In Hebrew class we are learning Hebrew words related to sleep and dreams. The students get to take a weekly quiz (usually on Fridays) about all the new words they have studied that week. It will be great to ask them on Thursday if they have prepared for the weekly quiz. In class the students interviewed each other (in Hebrew) and composed essays about...

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