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Eighth Grade

Middle School PE

Since this summer is an Olympic summer, we are beginning our class Olympics this week! The students have been split into teams and each team picked a country to represent. They will make a team flag and learn a bit about the history and format of the Olympics while competing against other countries in different of Olympic events!

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Nutrition, Crista Ward

We have been up to so many things in nutrition class. Learning about anatomy is important in understanding how your body uses different kinds of foods and for what purposes. Much of our body consists of bones and muscles, two elements that require specific nutritional elements to function properly, which led us back to our previous lessons on nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This opened up more...

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Speech, Ms. Michele Rosen

Do you have any idea in the amount of work it takes to produce a live newscast? The eighth graders have had a small taste of it. They have recently been putting together a live “on air” television newscast that will be presented next week. To do this, the kids had to research real-world happenings and write a script. They also had to figure out how to seamlessly transition for one...

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