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First Grade

1st Grade, Art Cafe, Ms. Slom

1st grade students enjoyed creating Trees in oil pastels and learning about negative/positive space in Art. The students were inspired by “Eight positive trees” made by Israeli Artist, Menashe Kadishman (1932-2015). In this art piece Kadishman Shows his ongoing fascination which reflects his childhood and youth (like many Israeli children) that planted trees throughout Israel during the...

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Hamsterdam- December 2017

Well,   December was quite the whirlwind in Hamsterdam! Most of our learning time was spent reviewing and preparing for Portfolio Day and VIP Day. The rest of the short month flew by, thanks to guest speakers and special Hanukkah activities. In Math, we finished Unit 3, which was all about Number Stories. This imaginative group of Hamsters sure loves making up their own stories for math! We...

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January 1st grade blog post

Shalom! It is great to be back in full swing after a long, refreshing winter break! After ending the semester with an incredibly rich unit on the history, customs, and message of Chanukkah, we began the second half of the year with great excitement, preparing for our Siddur ceremony next month. Over the past year and a half, your child has been learning about the technical aspects as well as the...

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