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Eighth Grade

Rosenmann 2017 Re-cap

The middle school students continue to surprise and impress me with their creativity and perseverance. With only a couple days of school left this year, their accomplishments thus far are an encouraging reminder of the great things to come in 2018. Community Workshop 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade No glue. No tape. Just cardboard, knives and genius. Community workshop students designed full scale...

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Learner Owned Programming

We had such a busy and full day today at AJA! The entire Middle School came together to take part in programming that the 8th graders created and facilitated. Lately within the 8th, 7th and 6th grade classes in Humanities and Jewish Studies respectively, we have been creating meaningful opportunities for learners to come together. 8th and 6th graders have been taking part in Self Directed...

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We have rounded third and are in a full sprint toward home! Baseball analogies aside, the month of May has been more than memorable. Here are some of the highlights: Portfolio Day never disappoints. After nine years of portfolio presentations, I continue to be blown away by our amazing students and the confidence when speaking  publicly about their...

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