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Elective – T’fillah Music, Mrs. Sarah Jones

We have continued practicing and refining guitar skills. The students are starting to play full songs, some based on liturgy but some in pop music to help refine guitar skills. They are really working on singing and playing at the same time – not an easy task. I am very impressed with the progress made during the past few weeks!

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Elective – Yoga, Mrs. Sarah Jones

We have recently tried partner yoga poses, which the students really enjoyed. Partner yoga is great for teenagers as it helps them with body awareness and confidence. It’s also fun! The students have expressed interest in visualization, so I’ve tried several visualization-based meditations, which have been both relaxing and calming. In the final weeks of class, we will review poses...

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Elective – Debate, Ms. Diane Carver

Each week the debate team works on learning or improving debate skills such as flow note-taking and research. The class has been researching the question “Are professional athletes heroes?” They have been discussing what it is that makes a person a hero. Then they gathered evidence to support their claim. They are presenting both sides of the debate and taping the result.

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