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December Den Blog (Jewish Studies)

5th grade What a busy time of year for us! We have been learning about Hanukkah – specifically, about olive oil. We looked back through parts of the Torah that talked about oil and discovered that the menorah which was lit in the Temple required the purest, hand-crushed olive oil. So, because of this, we try to use the best oil available to us when we fulfill the mitzvah of lighting the...

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Art Cafe, Ms. Slom, 5th grade

Students in 5th grade were introduced to artist Sandra Silberzweig and her fantastically colorful works of art. After drawing the abstract features of the face on blue construction paper, the students went over the pencil lines in glue mixed with black acrylic paint to create a ridge (raised black line). Once dry, they filled the shapes created with blended oil pastels. The students loved the...

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Art Cafe, Ms. Slom, 4th grade

Students in 4th grade examine how “line” creates the illusion of 3D. Students traced around their non-dominant hand in pencil and filled it with curved lines, they then filled the background with straight lines and this creates the illusion of the hand bulging out of the page. Students enjoyed this project so much that we then created a fan in the same way. Next , we moved forward and used...

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