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Seventh Grade

6th-7th Art, Ms. Slomowitz

The First art project for this year was a self-portrait line drawing. We started out by talking about all the different kinds of lines that exist such as curvy and straight.  We looked at how lines create shapes-geometric and organic in Art. Students then drew themselves to be included on the school T-Shirts using Sharpies. Each class will receive a t-shirt will all the students’...

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3D Elective, Art-Ms.Slomowitz

Henna Hands – Originating in ancient near and far eastern countries, using henna is an artistic way to decorate the hands and feet.  This tradition of personal adornment was usually part of a wedding ceremony, special occasion or festival. Intricate designs were applied from a cone-shaped tube with a tiny opening for the henna. Traditionally used for designs are repeating patterns,...

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2D Elective, Art Ms. Slomowitz

What is Op-art?   Op art was first called “Kinetic Art” which is art that appears to move because of the way the designs play tricks on our vision. After practicing the different ways of creating movement in art through line and color the students started to design their own optical illusion effects on paper using Sharpies and rulers and making basic...

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