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Seventh Grade

Life Science, Mrs. Sarah Jones

We have continued studying the human body systems. We studied major bones in the body and made miniature skeletons. The students had a great time dissecting chicken wings and using their knowledge of joints to identify tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. The latest system has been the digestive system, and students are using chemicals to explore how carbohydrates break down in the body. We will be...

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7th Grade Math / Pre-Algebra, Ms. Michele Rosen

We have been learning all about geometry lately – measures of polygon angles, sectors of circles, degrees, and symbols. The students designed a tile floor for an imaginary mall with certain specifications and later this week, we’ll be taking a field trip to a tile store, so they can find prices on tiles they’d like to use. They’ll use this information to calculate costs,...

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Judaics, Rabbi Rachel Kobrin

Our Middle Schooler’s are continuing to deepen their knowledge of ‘Pirket Avot’ and Rabbinic Judaism. I have seen great improvement over the last two months in their ability to fluidly read Mishnah and other Rabbinic texts in the original Hebrew and translate them correctly. Whereas just a couple of months ago they struggled to transfer their modern Hebrew knowledge to...

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