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Seventh Grade

Health, Mrs. Sarah Jones

In health class we have been studying the cardiovascular system, heart rate, and fitness. We’ve explored what it means to be “fit”, and how to maintain heart and respiratory health. Students measured their heart rates doing different activities, and explored how heart rate can change. They learned how to find their target heart rate and created their own exercises using everyday...

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Hebrew – B, Mrs. Orit Yehezkel-Ruiz

Our students are about to embark on a new 3D project of their dream home. They will use a variety of materials to create a model that can be seen from a bird’s eye view. The model will include many different rooms and their furnishings/ appliances. Each room will be labeled and decorated to show its contents. The students will be graded both on the model and the oral presentation of it,...

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Hebrew – A, Mrs. Orli Gubani

In our last unit, we learned how to write a ‘pirsomet’ – a commercial. We looked at pictures of Eilat – a city in the south of Israel and described it. Then, we described pictures of Austin. Now we are in a process of writing a ‘pirsomet’ for Austin. The unit was all about describing and using adjectives in the right form in Hebrew. It is very challenging for...

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