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Seventh Grade

April Update

Over the past month, the Science and Innovation Center has been a flurry of learning and excitement as we gear up for the big Environment Expo! Here is a sneak peek into our classrooms. 6th grade science  The students in sixth grade have truly embraced the global climate change service projects. Each group has not only become experts on one of the effects of climate change, but has...

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Seventh Grade Jewish Studies Blog

Seventh grade is continuing to be immersed in the story of the first monarchy of Israel and all the drama that came with it! Currently Saul (the jealous king) is chasing David (the valiant warrior and secretly anointed king) around Israel, and killing anyone Saul thinks is a threat. It’s all very intense, and I can’t wait to continue journeying on in the story with your students....

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Jewish Studies – Feb – 7th

Seventh grade is journeying through the story of the beginning of the monarchy of Israel. First, we read about King Saul. We followed along with his successes and then ultimately, failures. We have since been introduced to David, who is living in the palace with Saul (as he slowly goes crazy!!) and who defeats Goliath, the champion fighter of the Philistines, wearing no armour and using a...

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