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Sixth Grade

6th grade, The Art Cafe, Ms. Slom

6th grade students are creating a painting of a Secret life of a pet/animal. This is a multi-media acrylic painting on canvas board where the student has chosen a juxtaposing environment that is not typical of where one would find their pet or animal. This is a very interesting project and the students have enjoyed the creative process. The 6th grade students are very busy creating an unique,...

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Recently I overhead a patron at a bookstore saying that they wished they could be a librarian because all they do is read books to children.  It struck me that on the one hand it is a great reason to be a librarian but it doesn’t begin to cover the job.  At AJA one of the joys of the position is having the opportunity to collaborate with the core teachers to enrich their...

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6th grade, Art Cafe, Ms. Slomowitz

We looked at “line” and explored how it can create an illusion of space. Students then traced around both of their hands and filled the hand space of the page with a curved line in sharpie creating the foreground of their image. They then created the background by drawing a straight line from the hand to the edge of the page. The students then chose to add color to...

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