Classroom Rules and Procedures

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August 28, 2012
Welcome Back!  My name is Lillian Schwartz and I am your child’s second grade teacher.  This letter is an introduction to my basic rules, routines and procedures.
One thing you as parents can always count on is that I love children and do my best to be fair in every situation.  I try to create a positive atmosphere in which the children can grow intellectually, emotionally and socially.
I believe that second graders can be responsible for themselves and through my policies, philosophies and attitude I do everything I can to promote self-responsibility.  This is easier for some students than others, but it can be an acquired skill for every student.
Listed below are some classroom rules and procedures.
Take Home Folders (Homework Folders)
·      Language Arts Homework consists of:
o   The student will have a short, independent activity that should take approximately five minutes to complete
o   The student should read out loud to an adult or older sibling for approximately 20 minutes. Each night once guided reading begins (except Fridays), the student will bring home a guided reading book that was used in their guided reading lesson for that day. Please include reading this book in the nightly reading assignment and have them read it out loud to you. Any additional reading should be done at the child’s instructional reading level to avoid frustration (please feel free to contact me if you would like more information on this). Your child may bring home the same guided reading book on consecutive days. This is normal and should not be cause for worry.  We may spend a couple of days on one book in order to work on different skills in a familiar text. I will be in contact throughout the year should there be any concerns about your child’s reading progress.
·      Other Homework
Additional homework in Hebrew will come home on a daily basis.  Mr. Medved asks that your child does 5 minutes of Hebrew homework a night.  Also, Social Studies or Science will be assigned 2-3 times per week.  Language Arts and Math will be given daily.  This homework will be practice or review and brief in nature. Please check your student’s take home folder nightly to ensure that all assignments are completed.
Take Home Envelopes (Transmittal Envelopes)
·      All communication, corrected papers and graded assignments will be returned the following Monday in the transmittal envelope. The envelope should be returned the following day empty, unless there is a signature required.
Class Rules
Coming Soon!!!
The students started creating their own classroom rules on first day of school.  Once these rules are completed, all students will be responsible for following them.  Failure to do so will result in a verbal warning.  If the actions continue an e mail or phone call home will occur.
Our class will use a ticket and color change system.  Students will earn tickets based on good behavior. This system is based on “positive reinforcement” that recognizes students who make good choices. The students doing the right thing will be rewarded with tickets. These tickets can be turned in on Fridays and redeemed for various prizes at the Schwartzville store.  Students will also receive warnings when they are not making good choices.  Three warnings will equal a tally mark.  If they receive a tally mark they have to move their clip down on the color chart.  They will need to speak with me at recess to discuss what they did and what they can do to make better choices.  If they get a second tally (which means they received 6 warnings) they need to complete a behavior sheet at recess.  This is a short questionnaire to explain in writing what they did and how they could improve.  The student will need to bring this home to you to be signed and returned the following day.  If your child moves down on the color chart they DO have the chance to move back up.  In this case they will not have to complete the bahavior plan but they will still need to speak with me about making better choices.  Here are the colors and the meaning for each:
Green=5 star excellent day!
Blue= 4 star good day (need to be redirected a few times but was able to get back on task, need to sit out a minute at recess to speak with me)
Yellow=3 star day (need to sit out at recess to complete a behavior plan)
Orange=2 star day (sit out at recess to complete behavior plan and an e mail home)
Red=1 star day (sit out at recess to complete behavior plan, e mail or phone call home and a visit to Ms. Tubb’s office)
Recess is 30 minutes a day and will be supervised by a homeroom teacher and Ms. Farber.
Projects and Fieldtrips
We have several home projects and fieldtrips planned for this year.  You will be informed of these events at least 3 weeks prior to the actual date.
***Many parents had questions about homework and the behavior system, so I wanted to send you a bit of information. There is so much more to share with you so please do not forget that we have back to school night on Sept. 5 at 6:00.  Looking forward to seeing you then.
  I look forward to a wonderful teaching and learning experience with your child.
Lillian Schwartz
(512) 735-8350