Curriculum Update

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The First Graders are working hard to finish up strong in all subjects!

We have just 4 and a half weeks of school left! WOW!

Language Arts: The current units of study are drawing conclusions and adverbs. The students are reading short paragraphs and using the skills of a good reader to draw conclusions. Each student will be constructing an “adverb kite” that will hang on the large bulletin board at the top of the stairs. I’ll let you know when that is complete and ready for you to view. For Writers Workshop, all of the children are working on a personal narrative. A personal narrative is derived from a memory. It is a truthful recollection that is colorfully told. The students are currently in either the pre-writing or editing phase of the written work. Later this week, the 2nd graders will come to visit us and help the 1st graders with editing and revising. We look forward to their knowledgeable help and feedback! After finishing these current works, the students will spend the remainder of the time reviewing what they have learned throughout the school year.

Math: The class is currently in the midst of Unit 7 of Everyday Math. We will soon begin Unit 8. In the coming weeks the class will also complete Unit 9 and finish with Unit 10. Topics will include:  Exploring symmetrical shapes, developing an understanding of fractional parts of a whole, adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers, and review of telling time, counting money, and place value. Some vocabulary you can practice at home: Symmetrical, symmetry, fraction, whole, halves, thirds, fourths, equal parts, denominator, numerator.

Science and Social Studies: In Social Studies the class has been studying economics. They have discussed the difference between needs and wants, the importance of goods and services, and the law of supply and demand. In the coming weeks students are “going on safari” and will learn about systems and study the habitats of animals. We will also discuss how animals are classified, how they adapt, and the food chain.

Keep a watch of the BeeHive for pictures and examples of the students work!