December Blog - 2nd Jewish Studies

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Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! We are well into the story of Noah, along with our animal-puppet journal project. Each student chose an animal, and they will be keeping a journal of their time on the ark with Noah and his family as we read more of the story. Each student also made a sock-puppet representation of the animal they chose, and the sock puppet animal will help your children re-tell their stories during the process of writing in their “journal”.

For Chanukah, we talked a lot about bravery in the story of Chanukah, and we identified acts of bravery in our lives today. Each student found a time when they (or a friend) acted “Like a Maccabee” and we talked about the importance of standing up for what you think is right.

We are also doing a brief “Weather in Israel” unit, and many students are realizing how similar the weather is in Austin and Israel, and how important the winter rainy season is to Israel. This integrates nicely with what they are learning in general studies!!